The Islander

Replaced Balconies, Hurricane Impact Windows and Railings


North Bay Villages, Florida


The Islander Resort

Windows and Railings

The Problem

The balconies were exhibitng signs of delamination and spalling resulting in possible structural failure. Windows in the resort were subject to high wind impact. Some of the railings were showing signs of corrision.

The Solution

  • Balconies were removed and replaced
  • High impact Windows and Doors were installed
  • Painted building exterior
  • Glass Railings were installed

The Results

  • The balconies are free of any delamination or spalling
  • The windows and doors impact rating exceeds required code
  • Railings are secure

The Benefits

  • The balconies are secure and will provide the residents many years of safe use
  • Completed all repairs and painting in 6 months as opposed to traditional repair time of over a year.
  • Provided the Resort with a minimally invasive turnkey solution that saved them both time and money
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