Sands Harbor Resort

Catwalk and Slab Restoration


Pompano Beach, Florida


Sands Harbor Resort and Marina

Catwalk and Slab Restoration

The Problem

The Sands Harbor Resort and Marina is a 50+ year old building on the intracoastal waterway. Over time, the CORRISION around the rebar within the concrete has caused spallation where bits of concrete begin to flake away from the rebar.

The Results

  • The tensile strength of the concrete was increased.
  • The porosity of the concrete was reduced.
  • Reduced corrosion rate in treated areas.
  • The cement’s surface mass was increased.
  • Once repairs were complete the building was painted.

The Solution

The areas with spalling and delamination were repaired as part of the restoration process including:

  • Determined that the rate of corrosion was causing severe damage and would ultimately cause total failure.
  • Removed all damaged concrete and cleaned rebar surface.
  • “V” cut cracks to ¼ inch depth.
  • Treated repair areas with a “State of the Art Corrosion Inhibitor”.
  • Closed damaged areas with PAVEMEND AND SONNEBORN repair materials.

Once the affected areas were completed, a corrosion inhibitor was applied.

The Benefits

  • The restoration and preservation of the concrete saved the resort in excess of $100,000.00
  • The corrosion inhibitor will greatly extend the life of the concrete
  • All repairs and painting was completed in 3 months, which is half the time a traditional repair would take
  • Provided resort owners with a minimally invasive turnkey solution that saved them both time and money.
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