Lighthouse Point Plaza Condos

Re-Roof 140,000 sqft Painting and re-seal parking lot


Lighthouse Point, Florida


Lighthouse Point Plaza Condominium


The Problem

Hurricane Wilma’s winds damaged the existing cold tar roof system. Temporary repairs were required to minimize further water damage and secure building from additional weather related damage

The Benefits

  • Aruba was able to maximize Lighthouse Point Condo’s insurance claim, $2.4million
  • Restored building back to pre-storm conditions with some significant product up-grades
  • Provided the building owner and his business with a solution saving money and time

The Solution

  • Worked with Citizen’s Insurance adjusters to indentify all areas of damage, 140,000 sqft, 320 units
  • Remove existing cold tar roof system and replace with single ply roof system, Duro-Last®
  • Removed and replaced mansard roofs
  • Scheduled subcontractors as required
  • HVAC/Electrician/Painting
  • Provided interior repairs, wood floors, carpet, drywall/paint, cabinets, light fixtures, doors and screened patios
  • Removed and installed hurricane approved windows
  • Reframed and installed new doors for property owners storage units
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