Commercial Roofing


With changes in roofing technology there is an ever-increasing need for efficient and quality roofing systems designed for low-slope applications.


Flat roofs now require slope and loose gravel isn’t allowed in Florida and codes are leaning that way nationwide. Now more than ever, each roof product selection and application is more critical than ever.


Aruba has the answers and experience with critical roof systems.

At Aruba Construction & Roofing we are proud to have mastered the installations of GAF, Johns-Manville, Duro-Last, Tamko, as well as virtually every product utilized throughout the commercial roofing industry.


These designations have been reserved for only a select few premier contractors that meet very strict criteria. The requirements include professional training of the installation crews, as well as roof system design skills and minimum amounts of product installed.


With Tile Roofing, flashing, underlayment and fastening details are the key to the longevity of your tile roof. A tile roof is not waterproof, only weather proof and the key is what’s underneath. These systems must be installed using quality materials and experienced mechanics. If a hundred year roof is installed, it should be installed over materials that will also last one hundred years. This means copper or stainless steel flashing and fasteners.


Aruba Construction and Roofing has been serving South Florida since 1989 and in that time, have developed relationships with a great number of highly satisfied clients. Whatever your construction or property needs, we would be glad to help. We offer you prompt, courteous and efficient, quality work.

Tile Roofing

  • Flashing
  • Underlayment


Built Up Roofing

  • Tapered insulation profiles utilizing the latest cad-design software
  • High performance tapered lightweight concrete Underlayments
  • Built Up Roofs with multiple plies and State of the Art cap sheets
  • Energy Star rated coatings that will surpass the efficiency of existing roofs
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