Carico International

Re-Roof 85,000 sqft, Stucco, Painting and concrete


Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Carico International


The Problem

Hurricane Wilma’s winds damaged existing modified bitumen roof system, cause debris impact on exterior walls and blew mature trees over.
Temporary repairs were required to minimize further water damage and secure building from the weather.

The Results

  • Reduced corrosionon rate in treated areas
  • Increased cement hardness while reducing porosity
  • Increased the cements surface mass and tensile strength
  • Once repairs were complete the building was painted

The Solution

  • Worked with insurance carrier to indentify all areas of damage.
  • Remove existing modified roof system and replace with Single Ply roof system, Duro-Last®.
  • Re-skimmed, stucco the exterior of building.
  • Painted building exterior.
  • Repaired parking lot and walkways as a result of up-rooted trees.

The Benefits

  • Aruba was able to maximize Carioc’s insurance claim, $2.1million, original estimate by carrier was $364k.
  • Restored building back to pre-storm conditions with some significant product up-grades.
  • The tradiional approach would have taken 12 months or more, we complete the repairs is 6 months
  • Provided the owners with a non invasive solution that saved them both time and money.
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